Second Chance

  • Soham

    A showcase of non-stereotypical journeys in artistic pursuit that translate into a celebration of life, self and the art form in its true spirit. As a biennial festival, we are delighted to have had 2 successful seasons attracting auditions from Canada, USA, Middle East, India and UK.

Soham – an online festival of Classical Indian Dance and Music– is our first attempt to bring our vision to centre stage to address the issue at the core- to recognise the need to showcase mature performers or late starters side-lined based merely on chronological age.

Soham presents a performing space for this niche of ‘artists’ who find opportunities limited due to an age bar or  schedules hard to fit in around essential responsibilities. The inclusion criteria for many festivals, shows and even resources at large are targeted at ‘young dancers’. Soham defies the logic of age and believes in revelling in the joy of the moment rather than the years gone by. The aims of the festival are twofold:
  • Redefining the intent of pursuing arts, not limited by conventional yardsticks.
  • To create an awareness of the presence of an often-disregarded cohort of performers merely based on age.

Team Soham

Smt Chitraleka Bolar

Gayathri Kumar

Senior student of Chitraleka Dance Academy, her second chance was when she returned to dance after nearly 12 years. Co- curator and technical lead for Soham