Second Chance

Our Story

Taking up a new classical art form at a stage not considered usual can be daunting. And so is the prospect of returning to an art form one gave up years ago. Yet revelling in the new found joy of the art form we have come to love soon became a disillusioning when there was a dearth of opportunities mainly based on the unidimensional criteria of age along with other tangible barriers to our learning and development as artists.

We were a lost tribe.

It was this revelation and yet the insatiable thirst for learning and performing that provided the impetus to create ‘Second Chance’  by 2 mature students of Bharatanatyam, Anuradha Venugopal and Gayathri Kumar. 


Initiated by Anuradha’s impulsive zeal and enthusiasm to convert frustration into opportunities and foster this brainchild, Gayathri’s cautious and tactical approach ensured the foundations of this dream were well rooted on the grounds of reality. Their yearning to be true to themselves as individuals, as parents, as professionals and as dance students that propelled the idea of ‘it is never too late’ into the vision called Second Chance.


Their first tangible and mark-making initiative came during the pandemic in 2021 with the launch of their first global, online festival of Indian Classical Music and Dance- Soham. They had gone beyond seeking opportunities. They created them. 

Why Second Chance

In a world that often categorizes art within predefined boundaries, Second Chance is a testament to those dreams that don’t have expiration dates and creativity that has no limits.

Growing up in a society where academics took precedence over arts, it was a norm to fall out of training in an art form or never get to train in one. But the seeds sown can be so deep, it shoots long after we imagine. For others, a nagging curiosity or just a moment’s impulse starts a new journey. Does that mean we let it all wither away simply because of a mindset steeped in stereotyping?

As a young mother, it was daunting to see the tall order of dreams children had to fulfil on behalf of their parents. However, realising our own dreams despite the ‘valid’ excuses of age or opportunity by sheer will, grit and determination is to lead by an example that our children will remember at a time they need to most.  


To create child prodigies in an age that is frenzied with social media further encourages the notion that if you have not cracked it early, you don’t stand a chance. To be a prodigy is a phenomenon, to be a realist is a process. 


At Second Chance, we celebrate this process of coming into our own- of choosing but never having to make a choice, of living but never having to exist, of realising but never having to resign. We celebrate the artist through the arts and present them with their art. Our battle is the triumph of our indomitable spirit!


Our Vision, Our Drive, Our Promise

We envisage a space where we glorify the special connect arts has in our individual lives that is well beyond mere accolades in a world that is rife with competition, laurels and consumed by social media validation. But we remain unapologetic about our desire to perform and yearn for the joy of owning the stage. Despite full-on responsibilities with careers and active home lives, we spin a web of dreams into patterns of reality that many aspire but seldom realise. While the world may have stoic or even doubtful predispositions to our passions, we make a space for our voice, our art and ourselves.

Fuelled with a sense of realisation we do not merely seek opportunities, we want to create them armed with nothing but want, zeal, passion and enthusiasm. Second Chance is a resolution- a promise we make to respect age and arts. What started in defiance now simmers as a calm resolve which comes with the maturity of artists who have recognised their needs and returned to arts.


We are committed to providing a nurturing space where passion triumphs fears, perseverance begets productivity and intelligence meets creativity unburdened by societal expectations. We herald our unique approach combining our love for the arts with the varied experience of our individual journeys. 

Our Aim

Second Chance aims to bring together performers who either have taken up formal training in the Indian classical music or dancing at a stage later than ‘usual’ or have returned to it after a hiatus when they found their calling. 


Advocating for every artist to continue evolving, learning, and expressing themselves, regardless of where they are in their artistic journey, Second Chance is an emphatic bid to redefine the narrative surrounding the age and stage of artists. Through this, we aim to establish our role in preserving and continuing the legacy of our arts.