Second Chance


Date: 11th Feb to 12th March 2024 on Sundays and Tuesdays (10 sessions)

Time : 2.00 pm UK /7.30 pm IST

Fees: 50.00 GBP for all 10 sessions

Only Sunday or Only Tuesday sessions: (5):  35.00 GBP

Less than 5 sessions 10.00 pounds/ session.

 ‘VOICES’ provides you the space where you are listened to. Where you listen, imbibe, inculcate, practise and perform. You reach and respond to the voice within, indulging the curiosity of a creative mind in a space that encourages new interpretations. Like every endeavour of Second Chance, this is also based on personal experience.. 

Voices is a structured, personal mentorship programme that aims to provide a series of masterclasses, followed by one on one mentoring where participants create new pieces in their chosen art form. With access to experts in the field of literature, dance, music, technical support and much more, it promises to be an experience that will change your outlook and your expression through arts.

VOICES aims to tap into your creative potential and help you navigate through the process of choreography (dance) or composition (music). It focusses on harnessing existing skills and effectively using them in creative expressions. It does not limit itself to ‘teaching’, instead it enables you to think about  the intricacies and underlying logic to creating a piece of art. 

Delivered by masters, the focus shifts to a 6-month period of intense one on one mentoring. This  provides for a personal space shared by mentee and mentor giving them total control on their journeys as artists at a pace and to a piece of their choice to explore creative licence within the realms of tradition and convention.

Why you should join VOICES

  • Addresses the issue of limited opportunities for our artistic development often due to inconvenience of time, place or target students on ‘workshop’ formats. 
  • Allows your artistic progression at a pace that suits you best. 
  • Your choice of literature and your treatment of it. 
  • Access to renowned scholars and artists who are well respected as teachers in their own fields
  • One to one mentoring after a matching process – schedules as per mentor and mentee. 
  • Flexibility in the programme which allows you to join anywhere in the 3 part process- so you always take away something you can incorporate in your practise AND will only pay for what you attend- which support with regard to logistics of performance and auxiliary tools for productions. 
  • Peer group discussions allowing exchange of viewpoints/ ideas in an open space that hears to your voice and views. 
  • Performance opportunity at fraction of a price when compared to organising your own show. 


Understanding texts and technique

Mentoring period

Performance opportunity through live showcase