Second Chance


 ‘VOICES’ provides you the space where you are listened to. Where you listen, imbibe, inculcate, practise and perform. You reach and respond to the voice within, indulging the curiosity of a creative mind in a space that encourages new interpretations. Like every endeavour of Second Chance, this is also based on personal experience.. 


Soham 2021 showcased those non-stereotypical journeys in artistic pursuit that translate into a celebration of life, self and therefore the art form in its true spirit. As a biennial festival, we are delighted to bring back this hugely well received platform in 2023.

Sri Krishnarpanamastu

Come, revel in the delight of Little Krishna and His escapades in this family-led, family-centric musical. Yes- as an initiative that started at a dining table, Sri Krishnarpanamastu is certainly a unique endeavour in just the way it has evolved from an innocent conversation to a musical. Everything so far has been managed and executed by these 20 odd families with about 30 children taking centre stage- regardless of abilities.